The Ruling Tier Of The Demonic Legion Of Hell

The Devil, Our Lord Satan is the primal power of all the Workings in The Black Book Of The Devil, but the Demons of His gestation are also worked with throughout the Rites and Black Magick Arts of this Grimoire.
What is given below is a listing of the Demons of the Ruling Tier of The Demonic Legion of Hell worked with in the system of practice relayed through the Grimoire you are now studying.
Each Infernal Name is given with the areas of power over which they hold command and for which they may be called upon, it is also noted whether the Demons are Male (M), Female (F) or Androgynous (A).

SATAN/THE DEVIL (M) ~  Governs Power, Mastery, Wisdom, Occult Knowledge, Possession, Desire, Gestation, Illusions and Authority.
LILITH (F) ~  Governs Seduction, Lust, Infertility, Seership, Temptation, Feminine Power, Succubi, Incubi, creative gestation and Punishment Of The Pious.
BEELZEBOUL (M) ~ Governs Authority, Protection, Power, Strength, Fortitude, Possession, Bravery, Victory and Influence Over Others.
ABADDON (M) ~ Governs Destruction, Death, Perversion, Torture, Pain, Misery, Loss Of Hope, Fetishes and Bindings.
ASMODEUS (M) ~ Governs Lust, Desire, Fornication, Sexual Possession, Depravity, Protection, Infidelity, Magickal Protectio, The Ouija and Success.
LUCIFUGE ROFOCALE (M) ~ Governs Money, Wealth, Promotion, Command, Attainment, Inheritance, Ambition and Employment.
BELPHEGOR (A) ~ Governs Beauty, Love, Attraction, Success, Invention, Sloth, Creativity, Alliances and Reconciliation.
AGALIAREPT (M) ~ Governs Initiation, Seership, Occult Knowledge, Scrying, Divination, Gateways, Portals and Guidance.
NAAMAH (F) ~ Governs Sex, Lust, Desire, Seduction Of Men, Fornication, Temptation, Female Sexuality, Beauty, Sex and Fertility.
ASHTAROT (A) ~ Governs Lust, Love, Relationships, Friendships, Alliances, Diplomacy, Possession, Psychogones, Egregores and Homunculi.
UNSERE (F) ~ Governs Childbirth, Fertility, Healing, Vanquishing Malady, Herbal Healing, Knowledge and Protection of Infants.
BEHEMOTH (A) ~ Governs Greed, Gluttony, Luxury, Sloth, Sin, Debachery, Decadence, Avarice, Pleasure and Envy.
BAAL (M) ~ Governs Power, Sin, Knowledge, Wisdom, Destructive Chaos, Ascension, Authority, Power and Occult Aspiration.
MAMMON (M) ~ Governs Greed, Avarice, Business Success, Financial Gain, Accumulation Of Wealth, Selfishness, Tyranny and Dictatorship.
SATANACHIA (A) ~ Governs Magickal Protection, Psychic Self-Defence, Mastery, Protection, Bravery, Weapons, Military Tactics, Military Victory, Revenge and Fortification.
MEPHISTO (M) ~ Governs Death, Misery, Sadness, Melancholy, Pacts, Revenge, Justice, Trades, Bargains and Knowledge.
SARGATANAS (A) ~ Governs Astral Projection, Astral Protection, Psychic Protection, Protection While Asleep and Astral Travel.
ARIOCH (M) ~ Governs Revenge, Justice, Vengeance, Torture, Death, Retribution, Karma and Destruction.
RIMMON (M) ~ Governs Vanquishing Malady, Eradicating Disease, Health, Healing, Medicinal Knowledge, Surgery and Vitality.
ALASTOR (M) ~ Governs Destruction, Destroying Enemies, Discord, Violence, Bloodshed, Homicide, Torture, Pain and Assassination.
BALTHAZAR (M) ~ Governs, Misery, Discord, Chaos, Revenge, Machinations, Cunning, Conflict and Ruthlessness.
DELIPITORAE (F) ~ Governs Grimoires, Magickal Texts, Literature, Literary Excellence, Writing, Literature, Hidden Texts and Poetry.
ASAFOETIDA (F) ~ Governs Feminine Sexuality, Seduction, Sex Magick, Seducing Men, Seducing Husbands, Fornication and Beauty.
ROSIER (F) ~ Governs Love, Love Magick, Harmony, Relationships, Love Bindings, Reconciliation, Marriage, Proposals and Affection.
SONNELLION (F) ~ Governs Arguments, Separating Lovers, Divorce, Chaos, Disagreement, Violation, Mistrust, Treachery and Discord.
BAALBERITH (A) ~ Governs Pacts, Knowledge, Learning, Wisdom, Alliances, Blasphemy, Decadence and Sin.
LEONARD (M) ~ Governs Black Magick, Voodoo, Witchcraft, SpellCraft, Magick, Occultism, Hexing and Charms.
MULCIBER (A) ~ Governs Engineering, Invention, Discovery, Architecture, Design, Knowledge and Warfare.
MERIHIM (A) ~ Governs Illness, Plague, Disease, Pandemics, Bacteria and Death.
UKOBACH (A) ~ Governs Fire, Pyromancy, Death By Burning, Immunity To Fire, Destruction By Fire and Flames.
CAMBIONS (A) ~ Governs Incubi, Succubi, Homunculi, Magickal Children, Psychogones and Egregores.
RIBESAL (M) ~ Governs Paranormal Phenomena, Psychic Apparitions, Hauntings, Illusions, Rage, Wrath, Poltergeists, Anger and Supernatural Events.
ADRAMALECH (M) ~ Governs Disease, Sacrifice, Plague, Destruction, Possession, Malady and Death.
EURYNOME (M) ~ Governs Death, Misery, Suicide, Depression, Discord, Hatred, Defeat and Melancholy.
NYBASS (A) ~ Governs Nightmares, Insanity, Illusion, Visions, Disturbance, Destroying Will, Portents, Hexes, Prophecy.
CARNIVEAN (A) ~ Governs Obscenity, Depravity, Shame, Guilt, Temptation and Decadence.
VERRIER (F) ~ Governs Healing, Herbalism, Health, Dispelling Malady, Herbs, Renewed Vitality and The Healing Of Others.
CRESSIL (A) ~ Governs Impurity, Laziness, Slovenliness, Sorcery, Debauchery, Sloth and Perversion.
VERRINE (A) ~ Governs Healing, Medicine, Cures, Fertility, Health and Vanquishing Malady.
ARPHAXAT (A) ~ Governs Possession, Violation, Deviation, Sexual Violation, Destruction Of The Pious.
VERDELET (M) ~ Governs Magick, Astral Projection, Pathworking, Possession and Delirium.
PYTHIUS (M) ~ Governs Tortures, Deceit, Lies, Treachery, Cunning and Influence.
PROCULO (A) ~ Governs Sleep, Dreams, Vanquishing Nightmares, Dream Prophecy, Rest, Balance and Recuperation.
LUITHIAN (M) ~ Governs Literature, Learning, Study, Scholarship, Occult Knowledge, Poetry, Writing and Excellence.
OIELLET (A) ~ Governs Cruelty, Temptation, Greed, Compulsion, Excess, Adultery, Lust, Avarice and Exhibitionism.

Our Lord Satan ~ The Devil Of The Old World

Our Lord Satan . . . the Devil . . . The Goat Headed Lord of the Black Sabbat . . . King of the Infernal Realms of Hell . . . Master of this World . . . the Black Heart of Primal Creation . . . His guises are many . . . His Names are indeed Legion.
Satan is viewed as many things a trickster, a Lord of Deceit, a Fallen Angel, an Accusing Angel before the foul God Jehova . . . He is linked with Lucifer the Lighbearer and the Horned Lords of Pagan Religions.
The truth is Satan is the beginning of all, the core of the Dark Energy which resides as a raging chaotic force at the very heart of creation in the realms of the Abyss, all flow from Him and He may take the shape of any form He seeks to!
The power of Satan is of such force that it cannot emerge in the physical world in its full natural form, if it were to do so it would in all probability destroy it with its darkened current but Satan may manifest in lesser forms revealing His energy in guises that we may be able to comprehend and communicate with.
Of all of the guises that Satan may take none is more potent than that of Satan, the Devil, the Horned Goat Headed Ram of the Hell ~ this image is known throughout the world and is a constant atavistic force gestating throughout the centuries through Religious belief, fiction, legend and cultural history . . . whether worshipped, feared, hated or refuted the majestic image of the horned Devil pervades every area of life from the mysteries of the Occult to literature, from music to poetry, from Spiritual belief systems to the modern phenomena of cinematic immortality ~ He is constantly with us within this world of which He is true Master.
Venerated by Pagans as the Horned Devil of the Sabbat, culturally formed in guises of Gods of Evil in the Ancient Pantheons such as Set of Egypt and the Greek God Pan, all are aspects of the one force which is Satan.
The concept of Satan as one of God’s Angels who fell from grace is a fallacy weaved by the Orthodox Churches to ensure the belief that Satan is God’s creation and therefore under his command.
But Satan is the primal carnal energy at the beginning of all things and the Angels are no more than malformed energy forms which were abortive creations from the source of Satan Himself as is the Angel Metatron, the true leader of the Angels and enemy of Satan yet relegated in power due to the false invention of the Godhead by the Abrahamic Religions in order to take control of the world and ensure its tyrannical grip over the lands of the Earth.
Like the Angels themselves the faiths of Abrahamic Religion are abortive malformed creations which seek to repress the natural primal and carnal instincts and creation and of humankind, the true gifts of the supreme Architect Satan who moulds and gestates the swirling forces of chaos into manifest being through the creative womb of His Consort Lilith, Queen of Hell, Mother of Night.
Satan is ineffable, infinite . . . His power is the dark gestating power of chaos, of raw primal forces that bring forth all into existence.
The Atheistic Satanist who denies the existence of Satan is a fool, relinquishing the potent power raw natural creative energy just to elevate their own fragile ego ~ often the true believers in Satan, the Devil have been the Priesthood of Satan’s enemies – the Catholics – but this is because they have an inner instinct of their own malformed abortive creation and that the primal power of Satan is the true force that can destroy them should knowledge of His real position of excellence become accepted in the World and allow His complete entry into the physical realm to claim the Title of Monarch which is His to uphold.
Within The Black Book Of The Devil Satan is recognized as the Lord of all Creation, Lilith as His Consort and Demiurge, the Demons as His gestated creations, the Dark Souls which inhabit the bodies of many of the species of humankind the gestated creations of the Demons . . . Satan, the Devil is the Primal Architect of Hell and all Creation and through communing with Him we reconnect with the ancient force of creation too . . . know of His power, know of His wisdom and knowledge and know of the Black Arts which are His Legacy to the those who are Acolytes of His Mysteries!


The Ritual Tools And Apparel Of The Satanic Initiate

The Ritual Implements and Vestments of the Satanic Initiate are of great importance to the Workings of Infernal Magick and the Satanic Mysteries ~ it is true that the greatest Magickal tools of the Diabolist are the harnessing of Demonic Currents and primal desire but the Infernal Occult Tools of the Black Magick Arts still have their part to play in the directing of the Infernal forces raised through Workings and in providing symbolic stimuli in setting the realm apart for Arcane practices.
The first and most important Ritual Tool the Initiate will require to carry out the Workings in this Grimoire is the Satanic Pentacle, this should be made of wood and engraved with the Inverted Pentagram, the Pentacle itself should be painted black and the the Inverted Pentagram upon it painted red . . . this implement is the power centre of the Initiate’s Workings harnessing and channelling the Infernal currents raised through Infernal Magickal Rites.
The Initiate will also need a Black Altar Cloth, this may be plain or have upon it a suitable Satanic symbol such as the Inverted Cross, Inverted Cross or the Satanic Sulfur Cross in either white, gold or red.
A Blank Leaved Book will also be required for the hand written copy of the Initiate’s Grimoire and Candle Holders and/or Candle Sconces for Ritual candles and candles for illuminating the Ritual Sanctum.
The two most important Ritual implements along with the Satanic Pentacle are the Ritual Challice (used to contain Ritual Communion Wine and represent the black gestating womb of Lilith) and the Black Mirror a Tool of great power utilized in Evocations, Invocations, Necromancy and Seership Rites.
The Initiate will also need to procure Ritual Vestments to wear within Infernal Rites, the traditional vestments of the Satanist and Devil Worshipper is the Black Hooded Robe . . . I have been involved in Covens and Cabals where red and purple robes are also used, but this is the exception rather than the rule; grey or white robes are needed for Covens also for those at the level of Neophyte.
The Initiate shall also need a Candle Snuffer (to extinguish Candles), an Incense/Oil Burner for the burning of Ritual Aromatics and of cause a selection of Incense, Incense Sticks or natural Oils for using with them.
A Metal Bowl and a Wooden Bowl will also be required in a number of Workings and some Satanists also like to have a Ritual Dagger to direct Magickal energies.
These are the most important of the Infernal Ritual Implements, there are many others which shall be used in various practices throughout the Workings of The Black Book Of The Devil and these shall be indicated at the beginning of specific Texts prior to the details of the Working itself.
Below though is a list of all Ritual paraphernalia which will be required within the Rites and Black Arts of this Satanic Grimoire which may help the Initiate prepare their Infernal stock in advance of their eventual Infernal Workings.

Parchment Card . . . Parchment Paper . . . Crystals (Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Jet, Hematite and Apache Tear) . . . Incense/Incense Sticks/Natural Oil (Sandalwood, Patchouli, Sulfur, Cinnamon and Tobacco) . . . Wooden Discs . . . Black and Red Candles . . . Gold Ring . . . Animal Hearts . . . Human Skull . . . Raven Skull . . . Mandragora Roots . . . Animal/Human Bones . . . Graveyard Dirt . . . Stoppered Bottles . . . Stoppered Jars . . . Black Pouches . . . Raw Materials* . . . Black Ribbon . . . Black Cord . . . Small Wooden Boxes . . . Wooden Staff . . . Crystal Pendulum (Clear Quartz or Black Tourmaline) . . . Small Mirror . . . Large Mirror . . . Scrying Sphere . . . Ouija Board . . . Charcoal Discs (for burning Incense) . . . Red Cord . . . Cutting Blade (for drawing blood) . . . .


*These Raw Materials shall be disclosed later in The Black Book Of The Devil as they appertain to the more Forbidden and long Hidden Black Arts of Satanism.


Traditional Satanism And The Path Of Devil Worship

Traditional Satanism and Devil Worship are the true and Authentic roots of Satanism, these roots originate from Traditional Witchcraft, Diabolism and the Devil Worshippers of Medieval Europe.
While there is no doubt that there was never a fully organized Witch-Cult throughout Medieval Europe I believe as do others that there were indeed Practitioners of Black Witchcraft (particularly in England, Scotland, France, Italy and Spain) during the Medieval period and in later times that did indeed worship the Devil, practice Satanic Rites and parody the Mass of the Catholic Church.
We see aspects of Devil Worship and Satanism in the Affair of the Poisons which took place in France during the reign of King Louis XIV, events there included the performance of the Black Mass by the defrocked Catholic Priest Abbe Guibourg who was accused of Devilry and being involved in the poisonings along with the Witch LaVoison and Madame deMostespan, the mistress of King Louis.
In Joris Karl Huysman’s classic novel La~Bas (Down There) again we see the belief in the existence of Diabolism and Satanism with the hero of the novel Durtal being drawn into a dark subculture of Satanists and the debauched where he witnesses a Black Mass performed by Abbe Boullan, a fictitious Satanic Priest very much in the mould of Guibourg.
The Black Magic Author Dennis Wheatley also produced many books in England which discussed the idea of orgainzied Satanism being practiced throughout Europe during many ages including the time of the Napolionic Wars, the Second World War and during Britain in the 1950s . . . beyond this Aubrey Melech reveals the original Texts of the Black Mass in his excellent book Missa Niger and Old World Satanism is discussed in the book The Satanic Mass by HTF Rhodes.
Satanism and  Devil Worship have been prevalent throughout Europe for centuries and in its original form is still practiced in the underground Cabals of Satanism and Diabolism.
While many modern Satanists refute Devil Worship as Reverse Christianity and blasphemy they are missing the point by assessing the path of Diabolism from a Spiritual perspective rather than an Occult approach.
The powers of Christian/Catholic symbolism (whether one believes in them or not) exist, even if there was absolutely no foundations to these systems of faith whatsoever the power would still exist due to the centuries of belief and faith placed in them . . . this is the same form of power that lies at the foundation of Occult practices such as Image Magick and the forming of Egregores and Psychogones (the energy is not in the reality of material fact or physical manifestation but in the harnessing and directing of collective energies).
By reversing the symbol, Rites and practices of Catholicism and Christianity the Satanic Practitioner is tapping into energy constructs which have been generated for centuries and harnessing those energies to utilize in their own insidious workings.
True Traditional Satanism and Devil Worship is by its very definition a path of inversion and adversity . . . Satan is the Adversary of the God of Light and the false Prophets who have promulgated his tyranny.
While the Workings of The Black Book Of The Devil are built on the foundation that Satan is a force of great power, an actual Spiritual Entity that has existed since the beginning of time manifesting Himself through many guises and cultural manifestations and the core of all creation, it also recognizes the fact that the guise of the Goat Headed God of the Black Sabbat the Devil is the guise that most potently harnesses that gestating and ancient power.
Within this Grimoire the power of God and Angels is viewed as malformed energy which is an anti-thesis to the raw primal carnal and creative power of Satan, an abortive energy which seeks to bring order and control to forces which are naturally primal and chaotic.
The path of Traditional Satanism and Devil Worship tapped into the creative and destructive powers of this dark and chaotic force called Satan that resides at the core of the creative source and worked not within the confines of false morality, restriction, piety and denial but instead embraced the raw power of creativity forged on primal and carnal currents.
The Black Book Of The Devil and its Custodians The Keepers Of The Black Bookseeks to revive the atavistic current of the paths of Traditional Satanism and Devil Worship, to reactivate the forces of the Unholy, the primal and the raw potent energy of Satan once more and return Satanism to its exalted state of pure undiluted Darkness.


Keepers Of The Black Book

Before descending into the full Texts of this Grimoire a few words should be given to the Satanic Coven Keepers Of The Black Book ~ for this Coven shall be the Custodians, Chief Practitioners and Explorers of The Black Book Of The Devil and its Mysteries, ensuring its continuation and evolution in times to come.
This Coven was formed on All Hallows Eve 2017 with a view to consolidating the future of The Black Book Of The Devil and to forge a foundation for an Infernal Order which will gestate from it!
Keepers Of The Black Book – like The Black Book Of The Devil itself – is unique in its system, it holds no intrinsic Grading system, but is more akin to the Traditional Satanic Witch Covens of Devil Worship in the Medieval Ages.
I – John Gethen – am the High Priest of the Coven and there shall be formed within it a small Council of Infernal Elders, as to the rest of its Initiates they shall be as Priests and Priestesses and those awaiting Initiation of cause shall hold the title of Neophyte.
The Black Book Of The Devil is the core of the Work carried forth for Satan, the Coven itself is an extension of that Work, for this is the first ever complete Satanic Grimoire released for public attention and therefore requires more than any a Coven of Custodians to ensure that this Manuscript is duly honoured, evolved and utilized not only for the benefit of those who practice from its Workings but to enhance the rise of Satan’s power within this world of which He is true Master!
Any who arrive here to read this Grimoire who resonate with its contents and practices on a deep level and therefore seek to be more deeply involved with its Workings by joining Keepers Of The Black Book may contact me and request to do so.
While there are no guarantees of acceptance into the Coven as it is to be kept rather small every request shall be considered seriously.
The Black Book Of The Devil is a tome out of time, a Grimoire which one would expect to find in the lost collections of the likes of the practitioners of Old World Diabolism . . . it is founded on truly Unholy, Inverse and Dark Workings and the Coven itself requires Initiates who can divorce themselves from the pale versions of Satanic Practice to once more embrace the Dark Ways of Traditional Satanism and Diabolic Witchcraft.


The Black Book Of The Devil ~ An Introduction

Welcome Seeker to The Black Book Of The Devil, what you have found here is a Grimoire the likes of which you will not come across anywhere else, at least not in a place of public viewing.
The Texts of this Grimoire start with the foundations of Satanic and Diabolic practice and lead into – what one may call – the Lesser Rites of the Black Arts such as Initiation, Consecration, Evocation, Invocation and Seership before guiding the Initiate into the realms of Infernal Sex Magick, Necromancy and Healing and Protection Workings.
What distinguishes The Black Book Of The Devil from other Infernal Grimoires however it that it takes the Initiate into spheres of Practice, exploration and experimentation that are missing from the typical Satanic Magickal Text . . . areas such as Infernal Alchemy, the Forbidden Arts, Death Magick, Mirror Workings, the Homunculi, Golems, Infernal Gates and the merging of the self with Demonic energies ~ these hidden Mysteries may usually only be gained knowledge of through entering one of the underground clandestine Satanic Cabals that have long existed throughout Europe passing on their knowledge by work of mouth and secret Manuscripts.
Beyond this to access such deep Infernal Occult Workings would require a life time of study into many areas of the Occult (both RHP and LHP) to piece together Rites and Arts which have long been hidden, regarded as works of Legend or destroyed in times of persecution.
As for myself – I have taken both routes, being fortunate enough to be Initiated into such an underground Cabal and undertaking years of study which have lead me from the Demonic Sorceries of Ancient Egypt to the most recent forms of Psychic and Aesthetic Magickal practices.
Never before as a Satanist revealed such Arts so openly that shall manifest in the Texts of The Black Book Of The Devil; most of the Workings of this Grimoire are proven and potent, others requiring and open to transformation and evolution, the remainder of the Mysteries are fields of exploratory and experimental Black Magick, Arts which have too long been neglected and left unexplored.
If you decide to proceed with the perusal of the Texts of The Black Book Of The Devil then may I suggest you approach them with three qualities ~ an open mind, sincerity and a true desire to obtain knowledge, for these qualities shall be the keys to unlocking the Mysteries which lie within the Grimoire which shall gestate here!
So it is here that I shall leave this Introduction and offer my Satanic Benedictions upon those who undertake the journey within The Black Book Of The Devil.

John Gethen
Brother Omega
High Priest Of Keepers Of The Black Book
November 9th 2017